Tips for Running on Vacation

On a recent vacation, I was trying to remain on a running program. Here are a few tips I used (or ignored to my own peril):

Google about running in the area you are visiting

You can search for good routes to run and places to stay away from. You may even find some local running groups to meet up with.В This can be a great opportunity to explore the area and do some sightseeing on foot while you are visiting. This can also be an opportunity to train on new terrain and/or in a new climate.

Another good source of information is local running shops.

On my recent trip, a search led me to someone advising not to run on the local beach. Nonetheless, I had visions in my head of gloriously running barefoot on the beach like in the movies. In reality, the sand was so loose that it was difficult to decently run on it. Furthermore, I ended up with blisters on four of my toes! It went something like this:


Run on the treadmill

I loathe the treadmill. However, sometimes this is your only option. No matter how sparse the fitness center is at a hotel or on a cruise ship, they usually at least have a treadmill. There may also be a gym nearby. This should help to at least jump on and maintain a base level of running fitness.

Adjust your running plan

If you are concerned about having time to run on your trip, you can always plan long runs before and after your trip to get those miles in.

Adjust your training for your location

Anticipate the running conditions. Don’t stress if you are from cooler climate and you are having a hard time running in heat. Your pace will be slower. Make sure you pack gear according to conditions. The same goes if you are visiting somewhere much colder and/or more/less humid.

I am from a dry climate and felt like I was choking on the humidity on a vacation run.

If you are from sea level, running at altitude could affect you. Turn it an opportunity to experience training at altitude to see how your body responds. Be safe and prepare for the possibility of negative effects.

If you are a flatlander, running at a location with lots of climbing can be a great opportunity to get some hill work in.


You may have some great physical activities planned on your trip like swimming, hiking, cycling, etc. These can help assuage the regret of missing a training run.

Have Fun!

Don’t think about your training too much. Enjoy your vacation! I have read taking a week off may only cause you to lose about 10% of your fitness level, but your body could benefit greatly from additional rest and healing.


Also, good luck staying on a healthy running diet while on vacation 😉

Any additional tips you have about running on vacation?

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