Would You Ever Start a Race You Probably Couldn’t Finish?

We race for many reasons. Some of us line up with intentions of holding a trophy at the end. Most of us hit the starting line hoping, most likely planning, to finish. In subsequent races perhaps we are shooting for a PR. Others may be trying to stretch themselves, find fulfillment, support someone else or make it a tribute to the memory of a loved one. Any reason for racing is probably a good one.

But would you ever enter a race you probably couldn’t finish?

The 2015 edition of the 100-mile Barkley Marathon in Tennesse started with 40 runners.

0 finished.

And the race directors were thrilled.

It’s reported that in 30 years, 14 out of approximately 1100 runners have finished in the allotted 60-hour time limit.

So would you ever start a race that statistically, you probably wouldn’t finish? Why or why not?

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