100 Mile Ultramarathons Starting on Fridays

Unless you’re an elite ultramarathoner like Rob Krar, Timothy Olsen, or Anton Krupicka, your 100 mile ultramarathon may cross into two days. Most 100 milers start on Saturday and finish on Sunday. In the spirit of Saturday marathons, here is a list of 100 mile (or more) ultramarathons that start on Friday:

Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run – Utah – September “100 Miles of Heaven and Hell”

The Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run – Utah – September “36 Hours of Indian Summer”

Hardrock 100 – Colorado – July “Wild & Tough”

Kodiak 100 Mile Ultramarathon – California – September

Badger Mountain Challenge – Washington – March

Zion 100 Trail Run – Utah – April

Monument Valley Utah – March

Grand Canyon Ultras – Utah – May

Bryce Canyon Ultras – Utah – June

Capitol Reef 100 – Utah – June

Note: Zion, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Bryce Canyon are all done by Ultra Adventures.

Salt Flats 100 Mile Endurance Run – Utah – April

Pickled Feet Ultra Running – Idaho – March

Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run – Wyoming – June

Pony Express Trail 100 – Utah – October “Running in the Hoofprints of History”

Antelope Island Buffalo Run – Utah – March “Run Where the Buffalo Roam”


These two 135 mile ultramarathons start on Monday but do involve some Sunday activities like race check-in:

Badwater 135 – California – July “The World’s Toughest Foot Race”

Arrowhead 135 – Minnesota – January


Do you know of any other 100 mile ultramarathons that start on Friday? Please let us know!

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